Genius Loci

The expression “genius loci” (= spirit of a place) indicates the spiritual, cultural and human heritage of a given place (home, church, school, square, garden …) which has been inhabited by generations of familiesXcommunities and which still transmits its history of spirituality and humanity to everyone who visits it.
Coming into contact with these places gratifies the soul, there is a feeling of peace, harmony, relaxation, real tranquility; you feel comfortable there.

Besides their architectonic beauty and functional efficiency, the rooms, walls, ceilings, stairs and windows of these places transmit its “past” which has accumulated over time, as if they speak to our soul, to transmit a heritage of goodness and love to those who have the chance to live there. And whoever lives in that house, today, feels the need and duty to preserve the spiritual treasure it possesses, to safeguard it for those still to come and who, in turn, will hand it over to the future generation.

Bishop G. Dallara